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Today we are seeing countries in Europe passing laws the require green roof tops.  Slowly we are seeing these changes in the US.  Green roofs increase costs and value, however, by growing real food for consumption within local market is really a sustainable practice.  Think about less transportation costs and less time wasted.  This is where things begin to change. 

Yellow Brick Properties, through its of brand homes called Zoetic Homes™ will also incorporate growing foods on roof tops, or in raised beds or within the community development for everyone to share and eat.  We think this is a game changer.  Subscribe to this blog and see how we start changing things.

There are over 60 varieties of potatoes being grown on a roof, nine colonies of bees and fish are helping to grow plants on an urban farm in one Dublin school.

Source: Pics: Growing potatoes on a roof and harvesting honey on one urban farm – Agriland